2014 Flyboard World Cup Competition, Dubai, UAE

No matter what water sport you’re talking about, from jet skiing to standup paddle boarding to the one that’s closest to our hearts, flyboarding, as soon as more than one person is involved, there’s going to be competition. The great thing for us in the flyboarding community is that because of the world-wide appeal that has exploded in the first four years of flyboard, we get invited to attend competitions and water sport demonstrations both close to home and in awesome locations like Dubai. When we heard that this year’s Flyboard World Championship was being held in this glamour spot of the Middle East, we knew someone had to attend. Of course, that person is our owner and chief pilot, Jimmy Bissett.

Sponsoring the Event

The Flyboard community as a whole is so important to us at FlyboardLI that we knew we wanted to do more than just attend the event. Getting the opportunity to be one of the sponsors of the flyboard world championship was not something we were going to pass up. So we are proud to say yes, that is our logo you see on the event t-shirt!

Traveling to Dubai

No matter where you live in the United States, Dubai is a HAUL! 15 hours of total flight time, usually with a stop somewhere along the way (Qatar in Jimmy’s case) plus all of your time getting ready and to the airport and it’s basically a full day’s trip to the other side of the world. It’s safe to say that that when it comes to flyboarding, it’s not just a job, but a true passion for the sport. Ever since flyboard was first introduced by Zapata Racing at an event in China (http://www.flyboardli.com/the-history-of-flyboard/), flyboard pilots, who are instructors as well, have been traveling far and wide to compete and see who is the best of the best; right to up competing to be the flyboard world champion!

The World Cup Event

In order to attend the 2014 Flyboard World Cup in Dubai (read more here in Flyboard Magazine: http://www.flyboardmagazine.com/2014-flyboard-world-cup/), you had to either place in a previous competition or send in a video to have your skills rated. While some flyboard events include skills challenges like how many backflips you can do in a minute, Dubai was strictly about the freestyle run. And don’t worry, if the sheer spectacle of dozens of world class flyboarders, including back-to-back World Champion Suksan Tongthai, couldn’t keep your attention for three days, Skydive Dubai was also hosting the Dubai International Skydiving Championship at the same time.


Dubai is a magical place that Jimmy fell in love with from the minute he stepped off the plane. The weather was beautiful his entire stay, although Jimmy warned that people from moderate climates should definitely visit in the winter since it can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer! The city is incredibly clean and the people are very friendly and a strict penal code keeps crime to a bare minimum. Fans of amazing architecture will not be disappointed and if natural beauty is your thing the desert right outside the city limits will fill your camera’s memory faster that you can say, “Lawrence of Arabia!”

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Come Fly with Us

Not only are these top notch flyboard pilots interested in competing with each other like at the flyboard world championship, they want to bring flyboarding to the world at large. So whether you love a thrill or just like to have fun out on the water, come fly with us at FlyboardLI. Want more information? Start by filling out our contact form, http://www.flyboardli.com/contact/ and we’ll go from there.

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