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FlyboardLI and the 4th of July

Today is actually July 3, 2015 but for almost everyone in the country we’ve started the 4th of July Weekend and are ready to enjoy


Memorial Day at FlyboardLI

This past weekend America celebrated Memorial Day with cities and towns across the nation putting on parades and fairs and all sorts of other events

Come fly with us!

Flyboard LI and the Port Jefferson Maritime Festival

If you grew up in Suffolk County on Long Island like most of us did here at FlyboardLI then you know all about the great


Tricks are for Kids! And Flyboard Pilots!

When someone gets the itch to become a certified flyboard pilot, we have to admit, it’s first and foremost because they love the thrill of

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Your First Flyboard Lesson

Flyboarding is part wakeboarding, part jet skiing and part carnival ride all rolled into one. From the first time you get lifted up into the

Everything you need to look great!

Flyboard Gear is HERE!

Flyboard Gear Available Now! Have you ever been flyboarding? Guess what, about 99.9% of the population hasn’t either, even though the flyboard was first rolled

Where We Flew in 2014 – Flyboard LI Event Recap

2014 Flyboard LI Events Recap As 2014 was our inaugural year here at Flyboard LI, we wanted to make sure we were part of some

Flyboard – Your Safety Comes First!

Flyboard Safety Whenever you try a new sport or activity, doing it safely should always be a top concern for everyone involved. Whether it’s something

2014 Flyboard World Cup Competition, Dubai, UAE

No matter what water sport you’re talking about, from jet skiing to standup paddle boarding to the one that’s closest to our hearts, flyboarding, as


The History of Flyboard

The History of Flyboard Before reading this post or visiting our site, flyboard may be a word that you never encountered before. Invented and developed