Learning to Fly the Flyboard is much easier than you might think. Many people ask us how hard it is to fly. When given proper instruction, and assuming the student can follow directions, most people will be out of the water and flying in the first five minutes, and many within 30 seconds. During the lesson, you will learn proper steering controls, taxi position, flying position, recovery, and landing. After 20 minutes or so, you could easily have the basics down and have good control of your movements over the water. Some people have great balance and natural ability, and therefore will learn more quickly, but everyone will have a awesome time as they learn to fly.
The board has positive buoyancy and you’re well equipped with a life vest. Your certified instructor is in control of your height at all times and will provide you all the tips necessary.
Once you get going, you’re only limited by your creativity. As a very simple and light device, the Flyboard is very maneuverable and as soon as your second or third attempt, you’ll be starting to learn tricks.
Most beginners get out of the water and learn the basic maneuvers at about 5 feet and can get up to about 8 feet on their first try! More experienced Flyboarders fly from 10 to 15 feet in the air and can reach a max height of about 35 feet!.
Lifejackets and helmets are provided, but you can bring a wetsuit if you like.
All riders must be age 16 or above and the maximum weight limit is 300 lbs. Riders under 18 years of age must have a legal parent or guardian sign waiver and accompany them during their flight.