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Flyboard Gear is HERE!

Flyboard Gear Available Now!

Have you ever been flyboarding? Guess what, about 99.9% of the population hasn’t either, even though the flyboard was first rolled out nearly four years ago. Well here’s something else: we won’t tell anyone! That way, when you sport some of our recently released gear from Flyboard LI, no one will be the wiser.

That’s right, we’ve got Flyboard LI swag ready to go and we know you’ll want to be one of the first to show people you’re on the cutting edge of the adrenaline pumping adventure sport world. Even if you’re not quite yet a full-fledged member of the flyboarding community. Here’s what you need to do:

First of all, if you didn’t have the chance to come fly with us in our inaugural season of 2014, check out our home page for deals on flyboarding sessions and packages; for February we’re running a Valentine’s Day special that will save you 10% when you jump on a flyboard later this year.

Second, brush up on your flyboard knowledge; check out previous blog posts that talk about the history, 2014 events and safety so you can talk the talk even before you walk the walk.

Third, give us a call. You can order a great selection of Flyboard LI items directly from us, no fuss, no muss. And you can get a deal on a flyboarding gift certificate at the same time during our February promotion. So it’s a win-win, which is something we all love.

So what can you get? A lot of great stuff, that’s what. Here’s the lineup:

Classic Hoodie. This is the obvious choice for this time of year in the Northeast. Stay warm and look great with the Flyboard LI logo blazoned across your chest. Bring it along for after your flyboard session as you give people your, “That’s right, I flyboard,” nod of acknowledgement.

Short Sleeve T. No matter if you own 10 or 1000, there is always room for another t-shirt in your collection. Whether it’s happy hour at a jeans and t-shirt kind of bar or a trip to the gym, get noticed with the Flyboard LI logo on the front and our begging to get asked, “What’s that all about?” slogan on the back: Come Fly With Us.

Snap Back Hat. The bold lettering stitched into the front of our hat basically tells people, “When I do something, I do it LIKE A BOSS,” to everyone who spots the word flyboard sitting atop your noggin. This classic baseball cap is one size fits all so order one for you and all your buddies, too.

Right now you might not be thinking of doing anything that involves getting in the water as the snow continues to pile up around us, but it’s always time to think about looking great, so let us help you out!

So give us a call and let us hook you up!


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