Flyboard – Your Safety Comes First!

Flyboard Safety

Whenever you try a new sport or activity, doing it safely should always be a top concern for everyone involved. Whether it’s something as tried and true as starting a jogging or running regiment or something out on the leading edge of adventure sports like flyboarding, the right safety equipment and preparation are paramount. Flyboard instructors take your safety, and theirs, very seriously; better to not flyboard at all if you’re not prepared to do it with all safety boxes appropriately checked off.

The Equipment

The flyboard has been designed to be buoyant and float in the water with a rider on board, making it easy to establish balance and be comfortable from the start ( The flyboard’s inventor, Zapata Racing (, along with the already large and always growing community of certified flyboard pilots, are continually looking to improve on the design, functionality and ease of use of the flyboard with safety a constant in everything they do. In addition to the flyboard being designed with safety in mind, you will also be issued a life vest and helmet before you start your flight.


The appropriate age for flyboarding has been talked about and adjusted over the four years since the initial release in 2011. Here at FlyboardLI, we require riders to be a minimum of 16 years of age and anyone under age 18 must have a parent or guardian (adult) present as well. This applies to all individual and group packages that we offer.


Most flyboard pilots are free spirits and free thinkers and would probably say you should be any weight you want to be; however, due to the design of the flyboard and the physics involved in lifting you out of the water with hydraulic propulsion, the weight limit has been set at 300 pounds. Again, this is not a criticism or condemnation of those of you over 300 pounds, we’d love to have Vince Wilfork or Damon Harrison or Will Beatty come fly with us but it’s just not physically possible; at least not safely.

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We’ve had a few people fly with us at FlyboardLI that have admitted they can’t really swim; or don’t swim very well. You certainly don’t have to be Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps, but swimming is a requirement and it’s better, and safer when you can swim at least a bit. If you can’t swim at all it becomes a real struggle for both you and your flyboard instructor and the experience will go quickly from a lot of fun to not enjoyable at all. Please let us know your level of swimming proficiency, and your comfort level in the water in general, so we can assess whether this is a viable activity for you before you get started.

Flyboarding is a very safe and fun activity that can be done by almost anyone. Our pilots at FlyboardLI have been trained and certified with everyone’s safety being a chief concern. Along with everything else that’s been mentioned, your certified flyboard instructor will be in control of your height at all times and will give you all the tips you need for a fun first flight.

You can read more about the flyboard, it’s safety and rider requirements in our FAQ section ( To learn a little bit about the history of flyboarding before you give it a try, check out our previous post:

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