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FlyboardLI and the 4th of July

Today is actually July 3, 2015 but for almost everyone in the country we’ve started the 4th of July Weekend and are ready to enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Here at FlybaordLI we couldn’t have asked for a better weather day to start off the holiday weekend. We’ve got 80 degree temperatures and blue skies on Port Jefferson, NY and are out on the water with new and returning flyboard enthusiasts as the season is now in full swing. If you’re still new to the flyboarding concept, check out our FAQs or our post about the history of the sport and learn all about this exciting adventure activity.


If you’re wondering just how great flyboarding is, we’re happy to mention that we were rated the number one thing to do this summer on Long Island’s Top 25 list. We don’t want to brag, but that’s not too shabby a recommendation in our book. So speaking of our book, if you’re ready to book your flight just click and head over to that page and we’ll get you all sorted out. You can always call if you have questions as well, we’re here to help you any time you need us. We’ve had a great season so far at FlyboardLI and we want to keep it cranked up throughout July, August and September, too.


July 4th always makes us think about how this great nation got its start, with members of the military from every walk of life banding together nearly 240 years ago to create the country we have today. So if you’re retired military, active duty, guard, reserve or a service veteran, please let us know as we offer discounts to honor your service all season long. We know that some gave all and all gave some and we want to do our very small part and pay that back with a deal on flyboarding for you and you’re entire group.


Safety is a concern with any activity you do especially when you are doing something as a family that’s new to everyone. Safety is our primary concern and if you flyboard with us we make sure you are 100% comfortable before you even get near the water. Check out our post about safety and you’ll get an overview of how we operate. We cover a lot on the topic in our FAQs as well. There are age and size restrictions we stick to so that no one is ever in a less than perfect situation to start flyboarding. Safety first and always is what we think and say.


At FlyboardLI we have packages to fit almost any time and group size available but if you need something you don’t see listed, give us a call and we’ll set up exactly what you’re looking to do. Getting people out on the water is what we love to do so bring a friend or a half dozen of your pals and we’ll have you flying in no time. We pride ourselves on getting people comfortable with the basics as quickly as possible so they can have the maximum fun on flight one right up to flight 100. Come fly with us!


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