The Flyboard


The Flyboard® has been invented and created by Franky Zapata, the famous jet-ski champion through ZR during spring 2011.

Adventure Flyboarding New York
After acquiring experience in jet-skis through competition, Franky Zapata set up ZR. At the beginning, the ZR’ core business was the construction and designing of PWC dedicated to races. After acquiring a worldwide reputation, ZR started to develop the Flyboard® in order to offer a new discipline that would be the perfect fusion between wakeboard, surf, kite surf and jet-ski freestyle. ZR kept his promise by commercializing a year later the first Flyboard®. After several prototypes Franky Zapata finally succeeded to get out of water and stabilize in the air thanks to an under feet propulsion and hand stabilization. Then, he improved the flight intuitively which made the Flyboard ready to use. After patenting the invention in INPI, ZR presented the Flyboard® for the first time during the World Championship in China. The first flights had been recorded and posted on YouTube which was visited more than 2, 5 million times in 15 days. The Flyboard® story started to be written… Within a year, the Flyboard® met a huge success worldwide. Thanks to a large-scale distribution network set in all continents, ZR sold more than 1500 units within 6 month and amazed thrill-seekers from all nationalities; the Flyboard® Family was born.

How it works

The PWC (personal water craft) provides all of the propulsion for the Flyboard®.

Using a set of unique and patented adapters, inventor Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing, turned an ordinary watercraft into a Water Sports Sensation. The thrust from the PWC is routed through a long hose up to the Flyboard® where a rider can divert and control that thrust to create any type of movement he/she desires. All of the thrust developed from the PWC is routed through the hose, so the PWC just follows behind the rider in trail giving you the freedom to go anywhere, even underwater. The Flyboard® has its own buoyancy and therefore floats on the water allowing the rider more safety and easier time in the water prior to start. Be sure to watch all of our videos on our homepage to see how this really works. To sum this up, you can fly over the water, under the water, and have complete freedom to fly freestyle without the risk of getting hurt. We can assure you that the Flyboard® is extremely SAFE.

Who controls it?

There are two options for throttle control. While learning to fly, you will have an instructor on the PWC controlling the throttle.

This lets you focus on the basics and keeps you safe until you get the hang of it. More advanced fliers can control the throttle and start/stop of the PWC from the handholds on the Flyboard with the use of the EMK (Electronic Management Kit).  Fancy maneuvers and tricks require precise timing and throttle control. When you are ready to step it up, the EMK is a must-have accessory. The Flyboard can attach to most PWC’s. Using a set of unique patented adapters, you can quickly attach or completely remove the Flyboard. It is not necessary to commit your machine solely for the use of the Flyboard.