The History of Flyboard

The History of Flyboard

Before reading this post or visiting our site, flyboard may be a word that you never encountered before. Invented and developed by Zapata Racing (, flyboard is a mashing together of two words – what you’re doing and what you’re doing it on – that only begins to describe the experience you will enjoy when you come fly with us at FlyboardLI.


Zapata Racing began development of the flyboard almost 4 years ago in the spring of 2011. Already well-known in the Jet Ski racing world for developing new concepts quickly, the flyboard initiative moved along at Zapata Racing’s usually breakneck pace.

Within the first few months and several prototypes, the first operational flyboard was born. Things weren’t perfect at first, but after modifications that enhanced the feet propulsion and hand stabilization features, the flyboard was out of the water and in the air to stay!

Introduction to the World

Over the past four years flyboarding has become a phenomenon all over the world, and it all started in a country that’s home to over a billion people: China. Beginning with the World Championship in China, flyboard competition and showcase events have taken place on every continent (well almost, we’re working on Antarctica) and have inspired and amazed people of all ages to try this exhilarating new water sport.

Getting the Word Out

Without the internet, flyboarding may have been relegated to being done by just a handful of people who were already in the water sport industry and wanted to have a little fun when they weren’t out jet skiing or stand-up paddle boarding. But this isn’t the case; after the first display in China, a video was posted to YouTube, like the one found front and center on our home page,, which was viewed by over 2.5 million people in the first 15 days it was up.

The Phenomenon Takes Flight

After China and the first hits on YouTube, it’s been up, up and away ever since. Moving to world famous locations like Las Vegas, where millions of people come to have fun every year, flyboarding hasn’t stopped growing since that first test flight took place. Unlike water skiing and wakeboarding and other popular motorized water sports, flyboarding uses a jet ski as its means of propulsion and doesn’t need the long, wide-open spaces that it takes to pull a skier or boarder, either.

Both the public and the media have helped make flyboarding the success that it is today. When you can do something as unique as hovering 20 feet above the water and then flipping and diving and shooting back into the air, it’s no wonder people have taken notice.

Industry Growth

Flyboarding just keeps growing, which are words we want to be able to say for a long time to come. After the first 18 months, there were more than 2500 flyboards in distribution and the numbers just keep climbing.

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