Tricks are for Kids! And Flyboard Pilots!

When someone gets the itch to become a certified flyboard pilot, we have to admit, it’s first and foremost because they love the thrill of the flight. They want to attempt the hottest tricks, fly as high as they can and push themselves to be better and better at flyboarding every day. In the northeast, for our flyboard pilots, including owner and chief pilot Jimmy Bissett, that means from as early in the spring and as late in the fall as weather permits. And of course, all summer long.


Flyboarding incorporates aspects of many sports that most pilots have done before including jet skiing, snowboarding, trick snow skiing (like on twin-tipped skis) and other outdoor land and water based activities. Were you always the kid at the lake who wanted to climb to the highest ledge and see how many flips you could do before you hit the water? Then you probably have what it takes to be a flyboard pilot. If the tricks you’ve pulled while wakeboarding or water skiing just aren’t out there enough for you any more, then becoming a certified flyboard pilot and getting into flyboarding tricks are something you might want to try.


As a flyboard student, your first trick is getting you up and out of the water. We try to accomplish this in your first lesson so that you are comfortable moving on from there. As you progress, you don’t have to become a flyboard instructor and pilot to start doing flyboard tricks in and out of the water. Our instructors will give you more and more freedom as you become further experienced and will walk you through some of the things you might have seen them do already.


One way to see what can be done on a flyboard is to come to one of our demonstrations. Last year we took part in several events on Long Island and showed off the basics of flyboarding and some of the highflying flyboard tricks our pilots love to do. We’ll be posting the places we’ll be this season on our Home page in the events section so please be sure to come back often and check out the schedule. You can also sign up for updates and get on our mailing list as well. We offer discounts at different times of the year for flyboard lessons each season so keeping in touch will save you some dollars when you fly with us.


If you’ve watched the video on our Home page and seen our chief pilot Jimmy Bissett hovering inches above the water and then shooting dozens of feet into the air or completing one of many backflips, then you get an idea of what can be done when you strap on a flyboard and use your imagination. The name of the game is fun and flyboarding pilots and enthusiasts love seeing someone complete their first flyboarding lesson and move on to their first flyboard trick. So this summer make it your goal to come out and fly with us and let’s see what tricks we can help you put in your bag!

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