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Your First Flyboard Lesson

Flyboarding is part wakeboarding, part jet skiing and part carnival ride all rolled into one. From the first time you get lifted up into the air with the guidance of your certified flyboard instructor and pilot you will feel a sense of exhilaration like no other. Flyboard pilots hold themselves and the industry to the highest safety standards and flyboarding is done under the strictest of supervision so that the fun is the highlight of any session. Flyboarding can be done at Flyboard LI as an individual or as a group, so give us a call to set up your first flight!


There’s a reason why flyboard instructors take their training so seriously; from before you even get strapped into the flyboard for the first time they want to be able to pass on every important detail of how things work and how your first flyboard lesson will go. Not everyone becomes a master during their first flyboard lesson; in fact, most people don’t. But if you relax, listen to the instructors, you’ll have a great time and your first flyboard lesson will be one of many. Our instructors goal is for you to be safe and have fun; that’s what you first flyboard lesson is all about. Of course, we want you to learn the ropes so that your next lesson is even more natural than the first. So check out our packages and see what works best for you and give us a call to schedule your first flyboard lesson today.


When you book a lesson with us at Flybaord LI, we will go through every detail with you; date, time, location and confirm the number of people in your party. We give everywhere from individual lessons up to groups of 12. We have 15 and 30 minute lessons for individuals, a “semi-private” 60 minute lesson for up to two people and our group lessons last two, four and eight hours for varying size groups. You can see all of packages on our Home page or give us a call any time. We are flexible and can work with you on time and your group size so just let us know what you would like to do. Please remember our safety restrictions, which are covered in our FAQ section. And of course, call us with any pre-flight concerns so that you can come fly with us relaxed and ready to go.

Also, we have a full post on safety for you to read as well.

If this isn’t your first flyboard lesson, whether you’ve flown with us or somewhere else before, let us know and we’ll be sure your instructor is ready for your level of expertise. If you’re coming for a group lesson, let us know if there are any experienced flyboarders, too, that way we can get things set up so everyone has fun and gets the instruction they need. At Flyboard LI we want you to enjoy every flight you take with us so you’ll spread the word and tell all your friends about the most exciting thing you can do on water, or over it! So pick a date and give us a call, we’re ready for you to come fly with us!


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